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JavaScript Collector 1.1

JavaScript Collector is a utility for using pre-written JavaScript code
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JavaScript Collector is a utility for using pre-written JavaScript code, operational and ready to be inserted into any web page code. It doesn't depend on Internet web sites, since it is an offline application with all the data included.

The application installation comes with over 200 JavaScripts, ready to use and insert into a web page. Also HTML tested scripts for including into web page code. All in one.

A very easy to use user interface allows to look for complete code to accomplish functions, calendars, counters, calculators, background effects, banners, units conversion, clocks, date, games, visual effects on images and text, etc.

User can add, remove or delete, rename, edit and save JavaScripts from this database or imported. Create or delete JavaScript categories. Create CSS categories, import sentences and snippets.

The application offers the capability of previewing the code action on up to four browsers.

In addition, the user interface can be displayed in over 20 different languages.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Conprehensive and useful JavaScript code database, ready to insert in the web page code


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